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Signs of the Time

Signs of the Time

What will historians and archaeologists find millennia from now, that would show a faithful reflection of our society today?

Sometimes the most revealing discoveries are those left behind not by the rich, privileged or famous, but instead by the people, the anonymous, who unassumingly make their mark on life as we know it, and as it may be remembered.

Signs of the Time, exclusive to the Gold Coast City Gallery, is an exhibition of street art by world-renowned, national and local artists. Works by Banksy, Bambi and Blek Le Rat are on display. Some key pieces include Banksy’s Nola (White Rain) and Bambi’s iconic Amy Winehouse portrait.

Along with the main gallery exhibition, Signs of the Time will extend to a range of events including art, dance and skate workshops, live demonstrations, art battles, live music and a wrap-up street party.

You may not make it to all, but do yourself a favour and check out the main exhibition; you could be standing in front of some of the most iconic artwork of our time.

Runs until 9 April. For more information visit The Arts Centre GC

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