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Holistic Healing: Past, Present and Future

Chameleon New Age Salon is not your regular kind of salon. You get more than just beautiful hair care in there – you can find some guidance too, and a path to healing. We talk with owner and founder Bronwyn Corrigan about Chameleon’s unique offerings and why it pays to listen to your intuition.

Q. Chameleon New Age Salon is a very unique concept. Can you tell us how the salon came to be? 

A. The concept evolved from my previous salon in Centre Arcade. It was a small space. I had a lot of interest from people to work collaboratively – rent a room etc., but there was no way this was possible as it was just too small. There was a lot of pressure at the time in my personal life also, as my father fell gravely ill quite suddenly. Simultaneously, I had commenced a new relationship with my partner Kieran. We discussed the relentless phone calls and emails received daily from people looking for a space to work from. I felt I was being guided to rent a larger commercial space.

As a carpenter with huge creative vision, Kieran said, “OK! Let’s do it!” so we started looking at a few other bigger spaces around town. We found this shop on Surfers Paradise Boulevard; it was two-storey, 500sqm and had been empty for a while. There was no floor or walls upstairs, just a huge concrete space. Kieran said, “This is the one.” My reply was “Really?!”

We knew roughly how much it was going to cost to fit it out, so we thought we would give it a go and put in an offer and waited. During this time my father was hospitalised and there were many journeys to his hometown. Shortly after we put in our offer, he passed away. He died at 4am and we got accepted for the shop at 10am on the same day. It is all part of the magic of Chameleon and we know he is here with us still.

 Q. It looks like your talent for hair is just one of many attributes. You’ve also been described as being very intuitive and compassionate. How do these traits help you with the business and your clients?

A. Intuition plays a huge part in a role like this. Knowing what the client wants, even when they don’t know themselves, and they end up saying – that’s exactly what I wanted! It serves very well in regards to our other services, for example, what crystal option would be best for them, shamanic healings, aura photography and psychic readings services too. Personally I have extended my creative vision to Resin Art. It is an excellent medium that allows people to use a meditative tool or an excellent piece of decor to add to any room. At the time I don’t always know the reason for certain colours or technique but it always serves a higher purpose. That’s what intuition is all about.

 QYou are well known for your beautiful ‘mermaid’ hair colours that many people visit the salon for. What advice would you give to people wanting to be a little bolder with their hair colour choice?

A. Educate yourself. We spend so much time consulting online. If you have packet black in your hair, brights, pastels and neons – it is out of the question. It’s a beautiful thing to express yourself outwardly to the world with bright or different hair but it doesn’t happen with the click of a finger and a few dollars.

 Q. Can you tell us a little about the more unique services available in the salon, like shamanic energy and sound healing?

A. Shamanism and sound healing are two of the oldest healing methodologies in the world. The practice draws on cultural and traditional practices developed over hundreds of years. Shamanic healing involves the practitioner ‘journeying with the client to identify at what point in their life they stopped laughing, playing and enjoying the fullest expression of themselves’. Energy healing is similar to Usui Reiki, however it focuses on working with ascended masters to channel the most appropriate form of energy to the client. A healer opens pathways emotionally, psychologically, physically and spiritually to support people into creating the life they dream of rather than being a passive observer. Shamanic journeying opens doorways to latent aspects of ourselves. We are conditioned into the illusion of separation, separation from each other and from source, when in fact it is our minds that limit our potential.

Sound healing works with vibration, as everything is energy and it is a potent force for healing. Shamanic and sound healing improves quality of life, sleep, relationships and importantly, with yourself and with others. The services offered at Chameleon are by a practitioner who has researched sound healing, neuroplasticity, epigenetics, post-traumatic stress disorder, holotropic breath work and shamanic practices originating from Hawaii and Native American Indian cultures. It is a journey of rediscovery and empowerment.

Q.  Who would be suitable for these services?

Anyone can experience a shamanic energy and sound healing. It is a non-invasive modality that works to comfort and relax: clearing chakras and calming a busy mind. Our healer has worked with clients to treat a variety of issues including chakra clearing, sexual abuse, fertility issues, family violence trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, insomnia, cancer and primal wounding.

Q. What can a client expect from a Chameleon New Age Salon experience?

A. Everyone who comes into the salon, no matter what service they have, always walk out feeling amazing. We enjoy sharing time with interstate clients who return to see us two to three times a year. Often someone will book in for a haircut and realise once they are here that they would like to take advantage of other services like a psychic reading, beauty therapy treatment or a coffee and light snack in our cafe.

Chameleon is a place of safety, sanctuary and security.

Q. Aura photography is also offered at the salon. What does an aura say about you?

A. Your aura represents the energy around you currently, what you are projecting out to others and the energy coming into your life. It can show us opportunities to develop more intimate relationships, new career opportunities, and developing clairvoyant/healing abilities. An aura photo and interpretative reading can provide insight to manage these opportunities to ensure an empowered approach to life working to our strengths and building on our weaknesses. It can also show how we might be further supported with a reading, healing or lifestyle changes which are covered during the interpretative reading.

Q. What is your life philosophy?

A. My philosophy for life is to be kind to yourself and others. Be of service to the community helping those who are vulnerable, drawing on the strengths of others who have been more fortunate in life. I am committed to building community, which is why volunteering at the local church feeding the homeless, providing free hair cuts and offering free yoga classes are important to me as an individual and in conjunction with owning Chameleon.

Everything we do and say is an exchange; my preference is to offer an exchange of compassion and empathy to all individuals regardless of their life circumstances.

Q. For people looking to get more ‘in touch’ with their surroundings – whether that be through more knowledge of cosmic energy or otherwise – where is a good place to start?

A. We offer a range of workshops and meditations that work to introduce people to spirituality as an exploration rather than the institutional framework organised religion can create. Our workshops introduce people to astrology, creating sacred space, making aromatherapy healing candles, conscious breath work, psychosomatics (body/mind therapy), Wiccan practices, Kabbalistic theory and practice, tarot play and more formal meditation classes. Any of these are suitable to build a foundation of spiritual practice, whether that be for a novice embarking on their journey, to the more dedicated practitioner. Yoga, reiki, psychic readings, aura photography and energy and sound healing are all excellent platforms to begin with.

We have an array of oracle and tarot cards, crystals and reading material to further support these pursuits for any individual.

Q. What is your favourite pastime in Surfers Paradise?

A. I enjoy spending time on the beach with my family and friends, dining out at some of the amazing restaurants and networking with other local business owners. Having a work/life balance has been challenging at times since opening our larger premises, however we reap the rewards every day.

Visit Chameleon New Age Salon to make an appointment.

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