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The Purr-fect Place

The Purr-fect Place

Cat lovers, welcome to the Gold Coast’s first cat café!

You may not be familiar with the concept, but it’s genius: a contemporary café housing friendly resident cats that you can pet and spend time with, before moving out of the “kitty heaven” area to enjoy organic Australian-made coffee, beverages, sandwiches and sweets. It’s a feline-lover’s paradise, so is it any wonder that the founders of the Gold Coast’s first ever cat café are cat lovers themselves?

“We like to think of ourselves as their guardians, and the visitors can be their ‘owners’ when they come in.  They are free to play with them, brush them, cuddle them or just watch TV with them.  They have been brought up as kittens in this environment, so we know they are super friendly,” says co-founder Jackie.

Gold Coast locals and best friends Jackie and Neil dreamt up the idea of a Gold Coast cat café after Neil visited his homeland of Scotland and enjoyed his first cat café experience there. Since then, the idea to bring the concept home has turned into a reality with Crazy Cat Café is now open on Surfers Paradise Boulevard.

“The attraction is to provide kitty companionship to cat lovers or a chance to see the friendliest breeds all in one location to help you decide which one will be your newest addition to your family. We have even rehomed three kitties!  And you will reap the therapeutic rewards that feline companionship is proven to provide, all within a stunning but peaceful setting, with delicious treats and beverages on offer to ‘purrfectly’ compliment the experience!”

The cat lounge has comfy couches, beanbags and free Wi-Fi so you can bring your laptop to work or to study in the company of some feline friends.  For food hygiene reasons, the kitchen and café area are separated from the cat lounge by double doors.  All food and drinks are prepared in a 100% cat-free environment and are all available for dine-in or take away. You do have the option to take food and drink into the cat room for your visit if you wish! So yes, you can sit and read comfortably, cat on lap, while sipping on a coffee!

It is known that interacting with a cat can lower stress levels and produce feel good chemicals in your body. It could be the satisfied purr of a cat when you are snuggling up to it in the right way. Everyone loves their interaction with cats for their own reasons,” says Jackie.

Child or adult, the kitty haven is available to all – so long as kids are supervised at all times – all ages can reap the benefits of some much needed cat time.

If you are seriously in the market for a cat, a pit stop to the café is essential to get to know some popular breeds and help you make a decision.

“We thought about if someone wanted a specific breed of cat, where could someone go and see them, fully grown and socialised in a public area. We then decided to run the café as a hybrid with some rehomed cats, as well as pedigreed cats. This gives anyone who is looking for a cat an honest view of the types of cats that are available, and how a specific breed may suit their lifestyle.

“The beauty about having a number of different breeds is that one of the cats will be in the mood for doing what you want to do. If you want to laugh and play, the Ragdolls, Bonnie and Clyde, and the Abyssinians, Tom and Jerry, are all over that. If you want a cuddle and a smooch, Savvi the Birman and Jimmy Cat are your cats!”

While the focus is all about resident companions, Jackie and Neil have put in as much effort into the ‘café’ as the ‘cat’ aspect, and customers can expect beautifully sourced coffee and produce, including the Australian Certified Organic ‘Org’ coffee, a specialist blend, sourced from a supplier in Burleigh.

“It has a rich and toasty, caramel sweet aroma, powerful, dark chocolate notes, hints of cabernet fruit with a lovely light syrupy finish. We had a tasting with lots of different types of coffee, and this coffee came out as the unanimous choice. We will be the only supplier of this coffee in Surfers Paradise, which will give the coffee lovers in the area a new and exciting choice,” says Jackie.

Alongside the coffee, Jackie and Neil are working with local bakers to ensure the sweet and savoury selection match the outstanding coffee and beverage selections.  With a perfect location in the Centre Arcade on Surfers Paradise Boulevard, the café is already generating interest from locals eager to enjoy its kitty comforts.

“The location shouted at us due to the large windows for the cats to sunbathe. We are on the tramline too, to help encourage locals to use the tram for a day out to come and play or chill with the kitties. We wanted to bring this café into the heart of the Gold Coast, because we personally enjoy the lifestyle, weather and all the amazing people we have in our lives here.”

If you have a great business idea, Jackie and Neil have some advice.

“Plan it well, one step at a time and do your due diligence. Don’t be scared, you only live once, so follow your dreams. After all what’s there to lose, nothing that can’t be regained.”

The Crazy Cat Café is now open
63-64 Centre Arcade 3131 Surfers Paradise Boulevard, Surfers Paradise, QLD 4217

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