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5 Minutes With The Locals

5 Minutes with the Locals

In a city that’s constantly changing and teaming with tourists 24/7 what’s it like to be a local? We’ve caught up with some interesting and passionate people working their dream jobs in Surfers Paradise to give you an insight into what goes on in Australia’s favourite playground.

Chris Borgese
Founder of City Adventures

Q: What does City Adventures do in Surfers Paradise?

A: We provide friendly guided walking tours through Surfers Paradise that showcase iconic attractions and explain the city’s history, with taste testing included.

I like to keep the taste testing agenda open but some days we head over to the 4217 to visit The Cleanse Kitchen for the freshest cold-pressed juices, Salt Meats Cheese to taste their amazing pizzas, and then Baskin Robbins to they their 31 different flavours!

Q: What do tourists love most about Surfers Paradise?

A: One of the most iconic spots is underneath the Surfers Paradise sign at the end of Cavill mall. Right on the beach, it gives tourists a great reference point. Once I explain some of the city’s history including Jim Cavill’s role in its development, people really appreciate where they are.

Q: Did you learn anything new about Surfers Paradise when you started City Adventures?

A: It would be silly to say that I don’t learn something new every day, because each tourist brings his or her own touch to the tour, especially the locals! I’ve been a mentor for years and love interacting with people from different countries using different cultural cues.

Q: Where are most of the tourists coming from at the moment?

A: At the moment we have lots of customers from New Zealand, all around Asia, South America and England – it’s always an interesting mix!

If you want to have a City Adventure with Chris and his team check out City Adventures at 58 Cavill Avenue or visit them online here:

Rachel Bladen
SkyPoint Climb Leader

Q: What led you to become a SkyPoint Climb Leader?

A: The thrill of being closer to the clouds, the amazing 360-degree views of the coast and meeting new people every day.

Q: Have you always loved outdoor adventure?

A: Yes I’ve always loved being outside in the fresh air. It beats being in an office!

Q: We assume you aren’t afraid of height! Do you have any other fears?

A: I definitely don’t have a fear of heights but I do have a fear of really big spiders!

Q: Can you recount a special climb?

A: Every SkyPoint Climb is so special and spectacular. I love being able to help people overcome their fears and give people the experience of climbing 270 metres atop the Q1 Building. From the top, you can see as far as Point Danger in NSW and even Brisbane on a clear day.

Q: When is your favourite time to climb?

A: One of my favourite times to climb is our beautiful twilight SkyPoint Climb. There is nothing more amazing than watching the sunset and watching the Gold Coast light up.

Q: Have you climbed any other landmarks or buildings around the world? And if not, which do you dream to climb one day?

A: No I haven’t climbed anything else yet but I would love to complete the Sydney Bridge Climb and travel to New Zealand to do the Canyon Swing.

If you want to get high up in the clouds with Rachel check out: SkyPoint Climb at 9 Hamilton Avenue or visit them online here:

Bronwyn Corrigan
Founder of Chameleon New Age Salon

Q: How did Chameleon New Age Salon come about?

A: Two years ago, after I started selling crystals and Pakistani salt lamps, I took my hair salon in a more spiritual direction, which is what Chameleon New Age Salon is today.

Chameleon New Age Salon in Surfers Paradise offers readings, sound healing, energetic healing, beauty therapy, yoga, aura photos, crystals for sale and much more. There certainly isn’t another place like this on the Gold Coast!

Q: How have the locals and tourists responded to your salon?

A:T he positive response has been overwhelming; anyone who walks through the door is blown away! Se visitors have felt so comfortable here that they have asked for a treatment straight away. Local businesses around us are all extremely supportive.

Q: What kind of workshops and classes does your salon offer?

A: With the help of our local networks, we offer workshops for drumming, psychic development, sound healing, self-mastery, goodness vibes and bare yoga.

All our workshops and classes are aimed at promoting self-development and self-esteem within an interactive, nurturing environment.

Q: It looks like some of your team practices Salute to the Sun on the street!

A: Yes passers-by usually see this and come into the salon, curious about what’s inside. Through our yoga instructors practicing the Sun Salutations on the street, we are able to connect with people and build our Chameleon community.

This is a sanctuary for people from all walks of life!

If you want to look and feel your best inside and out pop into Chameleon New Age Salon on 3171 Surfers Paradise Boulevard or visit them online here:

Cheyne Horan
Former Professional Surfer and Found of The Cheyne Horan Surf School

Q: When did you decide to turn your professional surfing career into a surf school?

A: When I was on the World Tour in the late 1970’s, I coached so many professional surfers like Mike Occhilupo, Kelly Slater and Shane Powell, among others, who all became World Champions. I started my own surf school in 1995 in Bali and the Cheyne Horan Surf School in 1997 in Surfers Paradise.

Q: What are your earliest memories of Surfers Paradise?

A: I was 15 years old when I started hanging out in Surfers Paradise. We used to go trampolining between the buildings – that was our favourite thing to do – and play at this big waterslide that’s no longer there. We’d skate back home to Mermaid Beach when the sun went down.

Q: Do you encounter many learners who haven’t really experienced the ocean before?

A: Absolutely! We get a lot of people who have never seen the ocean and who immediately walk down to the shore. When they touch the water, they scream with exhilaration! Because they don’t understand tides, I have to explain to them whey they have to move their bags away from the shore so they don’t get wet!

Q: Can you describe the feeling of riding giant waves?

When you’re about to drop into a big wave, your body begins to throb with adrenaline because you’re outing your life on the line. There are explosions of sound and water and you have to study how you’ll get across the wave. I do it for the ultimate rush.

Q: What’s the local’s tip to surfing in Surfers Paradise?

A: If you’re after a fun little wave that’s not too fast, surf when it’s medium-high tide. Surf on medium-low tide for fast tubing waves.

If you feel like cacthing some waves and brushing up on your surf skills check out Cheyne Horan Surf School on the Cnr Hanlan Street and The Esplanade or online here:

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